city apopka fl logoTo Whom It May Concern:

Providence Construction has worked for the City of Apopka on several projects in the past 18 months. Providence Construction’s expertise in utility/storm sewer construction and site development was a key factor in the success of the City’s development of its NW Recreation Facility. The work included approximately 3,300 L.F. of storm pipe with structures, 2,700 L.F. of WM, a 23 million gallon lined retention pond and asphalt roadway and base approximately 3,800 L.F. In addition Providence Construction performed an emergency water main replacement on Boy Scout Road, which included removing and replacing approximately 1,200 L.F. of 12″ WM with guard rail, roadway open cut and MOT.

Your staff has proven to be very professional in every way. Your firm provided a safe working environment and delivered a quality end product. Both projects were completed in a timely manner. Your dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ken Gatton, City of Apopka
Hi Tim,

I wanted to especially thank you and your guys, Bob McGuire and Troy. Our community has a private dirt road about 2 miles long with 20 homes, and we take up a collection to maintain it. Trying to maintain that dirt road over the years has been a real problem and it’s always been a problem. We’ve had someone come out once a year to build it up, but it’s always been marginal.

But this year your guys did an outstanding job. We did get some extra dirt to build up the roadbed and some asphalt millings for the front of the road. Bob did a great job in spreading and shaping a base, he filled in the low places and shaped the road base to handle the water buildup. Then Troy came with the big grader and did an outstanding job in finishing off the road.

I was really impressed with Troy, there was two places where someone else had made a mistake and the dirt and asphalt millings was put in the wrong place. After finishing, he came back twice to make sure the job was done right. He twice told me “I’m not leaving until you are satisfied.” And I am, I never believed our road could be so good. Also, it’s holding up very good (better than I expected) in these hard rains we’re having. Again, thank you very much. We’ll ask you out once a year to touch up our road. Also, if you have a potential customer who wants to see some of your work don’t hesitate to bring him out here, and I’ll be glad to talk with him if he wants.

Best regards,

Mel Lamb

Mel Lamb, Private Road Maintenance